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24mm - Why I HIGHLY Recommend This WIDE Lens! | Landscape, Travel, Portrait, Street, & More!!

Top 8 Reasons How \u0026 Why You Should Use a 24mm Lens!
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24mm Lenses I Recommend For Sony!
F/1.4 G Master
Amazon https://geni.us/ePUsD6 | BH https://geni.us/Y3AWVs

F/2.8 Compact NEW
Amazon | BH https://geni.us/PYmVTz

Tamron BUDGET!!
Amazon https://geni.us/MY1XMUB | BH https://geni.us/jbt0NJV

a6x00 APS-C Lens! 16mm
Amazon https://geni.us/ehOCe | BH https://geni.us/InmQUb

YouTube Gear (Links to Amazon)
► Main Cam: https://geni.us/D05j
► Main Lens: https://geni.us/CaIwMY
► Mic: https://geni.us/ScF5
► Mixer: https://geni.us/ql4OstD
► FULL LIST: https://geni.us/aQ7rO

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00:00 Intro HYPE!!
00:26 1. Versatility!
01:51 2. Amazing for Environmental Portraits!!
02:57 3. Force Your Perspective!
03:47 4. Great in TIGHT Spaces ;)
04:49 How to Support The Work I Do :)
05:51 5. But is it WIDE enough though? YES!
07:24 6. Distortion is YOUR FRIEND!
08:19 7. Prime Lens ADVANTAGES!
08:53 8. Price \u0026 Options! Do you need F/1.4?? NO!

24mm is one of my favorite lenses right after the 85mm! It's incredibly easy to get a lot of pictures with this lens but to take some incredible ones require a little thinking! Here are my TOP 8 reasons why \u0026 how you would use this lens! Whether you're shooting on Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, etc. all of these tips can apply to your next photography session! Landscape, Street, Fashion, Lifestyle, Portraits, Weddings, Videos, VLOGs, the 24mm can cover a lot of genre!

24mm렌즈 인물사진촬영(기초편)-rx100m7

기종 rx100m7
24mm렌즈 인물사진 촬영방법
사진장비리뷰및이런저런이야기 : https://dersenpage.tistory.com/
여행사진인물사진 : https://blog.naver.com/wwfhit0964
E-mail : wwfhit0964@naver.com
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/dersen_kym/
페이스북 : facebook.com/dersenphoto

Is 24mm TOO WIDE for STREET Photography?

24mm lens for street photography too wide or not? Street photography lens and tips. Today I'm taking you shoot street photography with a 24mm lens. 24mm review, the good, the bad and street photography tips when shooting wide. The Sony 24mm 1.4
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Instagram: https://instagram.com/pierretlambert
The Music I use: https://goo.gl/vgkStV
Main camera https://geni.us/sh7ZtEc (Amazon)
Main lens https://geni.us/najoDU (Amazon)
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